“Creative people know that generating new ideas can be thrilling yet intimidating at the very same time. The process can be laborious, fitful, and resistant, and then with perseverance the positive energy begins to flow! The idea seems to take flight, having a buoyancy or an almost divine life of its own. It is THIS sense of divine presence, this feeling of ‘not being alone in the universe’ that keeps us coming back to face the challenge again and again.”

Exline Design is a Southern California based environmental design consultancy providing a scope of services specializing in the entertainment, museum experience, mixed–use, retail, and custom residential industries. The company was established in 1985 and has done work for clients in many parts of the US. The firm has also had the opportunity to be involved with projects slated for sites in Europe, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, China, and Japan. The experiences and resources of the firm have been utilized by a wide variety of clients ranging from new start–up projects to existing well–established companies wishing to expand their operations.

Exline Design’s consulting assignments emphasize innovation and creativity yet are enhanced by the firm’s thorough understanding of broader client issues. With an emphasis on programming analysis, and a clear understanding of “return on investment”, EXLINE brings a high level of credibility while pushing the creative envelope with their innovative concepts. The firm’s primary goal is to ensure that ideas generated and resultant designs meet the clients’ ultimate objectives both creatively and financially.

Whether building an in–house team, or supplementing the efforts of a well established outside firm, Exline Design has worked in a variety of associations and formats. The firm offers highly creative concept development, master planning and design services in many areas of the environmental design industry. Creativity, enthusiasm, and dedication to quality are the mark of a project by EXLINE DESIGN.


Exline Design has had the opportunity to participate in a wide range of project types, thematic subject matters, and developmental site locations. With the growth of entertainment and related industries both in the United States and abroad, the firm has enjoyed working primarily within this rather specialized market niche. A number of the most notable projects utilizing Exline Design’s services include:

Days of Thunder the Ride   Richmond, VA; Charlotte, NC
Daytona USA, The Ultimate Motorsports Attraction   Daytona Beach, FL
Ford Park Amphitheater   Vail, Colorado
Fu Hua Amusement Park   Weifang, China
Irvine Spectrum Center, Phase III & Phase IV   Irvine, CA
Lusolandia Theme Park   Lisbon, Portugal
Magic World Theme Park   Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Marina de Sevilla   Seville, Spain
Marineland Town Plan   Marineland, Florida
Nakayama New World   Sendai, Japan
Santa Monica Pier Fun Zone   Santa Monica, CA
Sheraton’s Atlantis Concept   Las Vegas, NV
South African Center for Tourism   Johannesburg, South Africa
Spitzer Marina   Loraine (Cleveland), OH
Top Gun Coaster   Santa Clara, CA; Cincinnati, OH
Trump’s Shangri La Concept   Las Vegas, NV
Western Gardens   Melbourne, Australia


Exline Design has enjoyed working with several of the business world’s top corporations and companies. Additionally, the firm has had the pleasure of working with a sizeable number of smaller companies and individual clients. The following is a partial list of notable clients both large and small that the company has appreciated servicing over the years:

Arquitectonica   Miami, FL
BAR Architects   San Francisco, CA
Bechtel Corporation   San Francisco, CA
Disneyland   Anaheim, CA
Engineering Fuji Co., Ltd.   Tokyo, Japan
Grubb & Ellis   Newport Beach, CA
International Speedway Corporation   Daytona Beach, FL
The Irvine Company   Newport Beach, CA
M. V. Lee Design   Orem, UT
Management Resources   Tustin, CA
Majestic Realty   City of Industry, CA
Mitsubishi   Tokyo, Japan
Morter Architects   Vail, CO
Paramount Parks   Charlotte, NC
Santa Monica Pier Restoration Corp   Santa Monica, CA
Shandong China, Dept. of Tourism   Weifang, China
Taisei Corporation   Tokyo, Japan
Triple Net Properties   Santa Ana, CA
Universal MCA   Los Angeles, CA

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