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Concept project plan indicates festive retail core with surrounding seasonal entertainment zones.

A 50 acre park celebrating Portugal's rich heritage and "Golden Age of Discovery"


As an innovative concept for Melbourne, Australia, the Western Gardens assignment combined an internationally themed festive retail core with a seasonal entertainment complex. Exline Design was retained by Southern California based MANAGEMENT RESOURCES to spearhead the creative development of this concept and to coordinate its presentational packaging. Management Resources’ client was looking to develop an entertainment venue that would gesture toward Australia’s position within the rapidly growing global economy.

The creative concept included a master plan that identified four distinct entertainment areas. First, The Festival of Nations was the festive retail core that offered year–round shopping and food service in an internationally themed setting. Secondly, Rivers of the World was a seasonal water attraction that celebrated varying international cultures that are found along some of the world’s major rivers—from the Nile & the Amazon to the Thames & the Mississippi. Thirdly, The Caves of Enchantment was conceived as a walk–thru theatrical experience based on the wisdom of an Aboriginal Alchemist who could peer into the ancient and exotic cultures of the world’s other continents. And finally, The Omnitech Plaza was a teen oriented thrill–ride zone with a theme based upon a troupe of animated “Ausie Kid” animal–characters that simply could not get enough of extreme sports! The leader of the band was a delightfully “cool” skateboarding Kangaroo named Joey...!



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