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Concept site plan indicates historical entertainment zones organized around the central water feature called “Oceans of the World”.

A 50 acre park celebrating Portugal's rich heritage and "Golden Age of Discovery"


Conceived for a site near Lisbon, Portugal, EXLINE spearheaded the creative development and master planning of this full–scale theme park concept. Celebrating the country’s “Golden Age of Discovery”, the park was themed for entertaining as well as educating the visitor about Portugal’s rich navigational history. Organized around a central body of water called “Oceans of the World”, the park plan was made up of six themed lands. From Portugal Antigo, to lands highlighting the fifteenth century cultures of Africa, India, China, Japan, and the New World of Brazil, guests would enjoy a day of fun and fantasy recreated from images of centuries ago.

EXLINE’s responsibilities included researching the Portuguese National Archives for the establishment of an appropriate theme for the park, developing an innovative master plan, identifying the appropriate mix of show, retail, food service and attraction elements, and producing preliminary themed facades designs, show concepts and programs. EXLINE also produced documents to be used in the initial cost estimating effort of the project.



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