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Paramount wanted to capture the hard-driving energy of the original motion picture


A giant cobra, an Ogre King, a band of attacking dwarf men, and the horrific Cyclops were all to be faced and challenged before arriving at the Sultan’s fabled dazzling treasure chamber! Hence were the perils of our Arabian hero Captain Sinbad... when Exline Design assisted INTERNATIONAL BECHTEL COMPANY, LTD. and M. V. Lee Design in the conceptual development of this full–scale dark ride attraction. Conceived for the Magic World Theme Park project slated for Dubai, United Arab Emirates, this world–class attraction concept responded to a preliminary budget estimate of more than 42 million U.S. dollars!

Legend Lagoon was the land within Magic World where the myths and legends of Arabic culture were to come to life. Based upon regional folklore as told in “Scheherazade’s Arabian Nights”, Captain Sinbad was the attraction’s primary character. Guests to the dark ride accompanied this dashing hero as he survived multiple shipwrecks and did battle with foe after foe while making his way to fabulous riches and the hand of the Sultan’s beautiful Arabian–Princess daughter. The entire show was to feature a stylized artistic approach reminiscent of the spectacular illustrations by well known early 20th Century artist Maxfield Parrish.

The ride incorporated a water–flume conveyance system that meandered through thirteen extravagantly appointed show sets. Dramatic theatrical lighting supported more than twenty–five animated characters. Multi–channeled D.T.S. sound technology, state–of–the–art special effects, and a central–computerized show control system all joined to bring this spectacular attraction to life. You’ll be relieved to know that after surviving a number of death–defying feats, a treacherous ambush, and a band of blood–thirsty marauders, Captain Sinbad and his guests were to arrive safely back at the palace docks on the outskirts of Baghdad with the princess by his side!



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