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Load platform section indicates thematic recreation of a Naval Aircraft Carrier flight deck.
Paramount wanted to capture the hard-driving energy of the original motion picture


As creative design consultant to Los Angeles based CINEMATIX ENTERTAINMENT, EXLINE was instrumental in the development, design, and implementation of these exciting themed attractions for PARAMOUNT PARKS. Themed after PARAMOUNT PICTURE’s world–famous action film staring Tom Cruise, the suspended coaster was installed in two amusement park locations including PARAMOUNT’S GREAT AMERICA in Santa Clara, California; and PARAMOUNT’S KINGS ISLAND in Cincinnati, Ohio.

EXLINE worked closely with CINAMATIX to develop the overall themeing and pre–show guest experience of these exciting attractions. On each of the installations, the coaster load platform was set–dressed to represent the deck of a Naval Aircraft Carrier. The thematic intent of the suspended coaster was to thrill guests with a simulated sense of Phantom F14 Jet Fighter flight maneuvers. As “guest pilots” made their way through the ride queue, they were entertained by a series of full–scale vignettes and special effects dressed to recreate the lower decks of the carrier at sea. Once topside on the flight deck (much like “Maverick” and “Goose”) the “Top Gunner” guests boarded their respective Phantom Fighters and jettisoned away on a harrowing series of death defying maneuvers. After several near misses, rolls, spirals, inversions and loops, most pilots were happy to return safely to ship with a dramatic “cable landing”!



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