Ride & Show concept development is one area of design where imagination and creativity can simply soar! Good entertainment project design does require a strong master planning effort. During these early phases many pragmatic decisions are made regarding overall project theme, guest circulation, facility design, themed facades, sets, service, and maintenance. However, it is with the individual rides and shows of an entertainment project where the magic of a storyline can truly begin to shine. A great ride or a fantastic show can make the guest experience truly memorable.

Story telling is perhaps what Exline Design does best! Developing an engaging idea that integrates an attraction into the broader overall project is paramount. From a guest experience standpoint designing rides, shows, and exhibits that can captivate an audience are crucial to a project’s success! Whether the attraction presents a walk–thru exhibit, a sit–down theater presentation, or utilizes an automated conveyance system, a successful experience is BEST when it conveys an integrated and simple story that entertains, thrills, scares, moves, and/or inspires.

Exline Design has participated in the creative conceptual development of a good number of themed entertainment attractions, rides, shows, and exhibits. This section of the portfolio is a project sampling of Exline Design’s ride & show concept development and design work.

TOP GUN COASTER – Paramount wanted to capture the hard-driving energy of the original motion picture.

MYSTERIES AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD – A sea-faring dark ride thrilling "Portuguese Explorers" as they sail a "flat" 13th-century world.

VOYAGES OF SINBAD – A themed flume ride with full-scale animatronics bring this fantastic and whimsical realm of Arab mythology to life.

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