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Paramount wanted to capture the hard-driving energy of the original motion picture


“Mysteries at the Edge of the World” is a concept for a full–scale automated attraction for the LUSOLANDIA theme park designed for Lisbon, Portugal. It is conceived as a fantastic dark ride adventure depicting the perils of nautical exploration both in the real world and that which existed only in the minds of men.

The ride concept incorporates a water–flume conveyance system that transports visitors into a period of Portugal’s fourteenth–century history when the idea of the world being flat was widely accepted. As the ride begins, special effects create an illusion of wind, driving rain, lightning, and thunder as everyone is transported into a world of make–believe danger. Around an eerie bend guest explorers come upon the rotting remains of old shipwrecks reminding all of the risks involved when navigating the uncharted waters of distant seas. In chamber after chamber guests find themselves surrounded by fabulous sets, dramatic theatrical lighting, and startling sound effects making this fantasy voyage even more vivid than one could imagine.

After a close encounter with a chorus of mermen and mermaids singing a siren’s song, a horrible sea monster suddenly and surprisingly surfaces nearby. It’s an enormous Kracken of ancient legend with his squid–like tentacles wrapped around a sinking Portuguese Caravel! The courage of the crew begins to falter as they ask, “how could this voyage become any more treacherous?” Then as a grand finale, guests in the flume are suddenly dropped more than fifteen meters over what appears to be the very edge of the world itself! The conveyance system plummets into an ominous bank of dense fog, fiery flames, and booming thunder! At the base of the drop, guests round the final bend and are relieved to find themselves back at the docks of fourteenth century Lisbon.



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