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Conceptual design for the interior with a cross–section through the dome.
Five adventure experiences in the naturalist setting of a controlled "Biosphere" environment



Concepted for a site just off the coast of Japan, EXLINE played a key role in the development of an innovative natural science and entertainment center called the Japan Nature Dome. Assisting an LA based creative development company called CINEMATIX, EXLNE took a lead role in the generation and presentation of this blue-sky conceptual package.

The large dramatic domed structure was conceived as an interactive interpretive center that housed a number of automated adventure experiences within a controlled "Biosphere" environment. Following a theme of environmental awareness, the climate, water, and light conditions inside the dome supported an array of indigenous species of flora and fauna that would be displayed in a perfect natural balance.

EXLINE was involved in the concepting, conceptual design, and presentation of this "environmental exploratorium" concept package. EXLINE also researched and developed the specific themed attractions housed within the structure. Food, beverage, and merchandising concepts were also generated.

Exline Design & Architecture is pleased to have been selected by CGarchitect.com of Alberta, Canada, to participate in an international
Architectural Visualization Competition

Exline’s creative concept... JAPAN NATURE DOME was featured as the design subject for this world wide CGI architectural illustration contest.

To view the 3D animation submittals of the competition's finalists, please click on one of these four video thumbnails to launch a new window that will play that video. When you are finished viewing the video, close that window to return here.

Our congratulations to Mr. Sean De Boer of Perth, Western Australia, for taking home the Grand Prize for the competition's Individual Challenge!

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Animation Artist:
Sean De Boer - Perth, Western Australia
Animation Artist:
Hailong Wu - Beijing, China
Animation Artist:
Alexander Malignan - Paris, France
Animation Artist:
Deng Jian - Shanghai, China

In collaboration with CGarchitect.com


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