Story telling is one aspect that Exline Design does quite well, whether intended purely for the delight of entertainment or for more pragmatic educational purposes. There is a trend within the world of museums where their operational budgets must compete for the discretionary income of potential patrons. With the phenomenal growth of technology and entertainment within our culture, museums are having to re–think the way in which they approach exhibitry and their overall guest experience. These representative projects begin to convey some of the creative synthesis that Exline Design has generated on a variety of subjects for the museum industry.

San Diego Aerospace Museum – Aero dynamic styling gives this new interactive exhibit a retro deco aethetic.

Daytona USA – 50,000 square foot facility sited immediately adjacent to Daytona International Speedway

Salt Water Fishing Hall of Fame – Regional interactive museum concept commemorating deep sea fishing in the Pacific Northwest

Japan Nature Dome – Five adventure experiences in the naturalist setting of a controlled "Biosphere" environment.


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