“The creative process can be so revealing in that it is almost always a reflection of those who have the courage to take it on as an endeavor.”

The projects presented within this portfolio are projects that Exline Design has done over the past 20 years. The breadth of project subject matters, site locations, and renowned clientele are testament to the firm’s ability to deliver innovation and quality on a national and international level. Much of the work has been collaborative, where Exline has had a leading or key role within the greater team’s creative efforts.

The portfolio is organized into five general project types:

ENTERTAINMENT – The majority of creative work that Exline Design has done over the years has been within the broad confines of the ever–growing entertainment industry. It is within this realm that Exline has been able to truly expand the notion of design creativity. This portion of the portfolio is further divided into five sub–categories including Theme Parks, Ride & Show, Interactive Interpretive Centers, Family Entertainment Centers, and broad Concept work.

RIDE & SHOW – Ride & Show concept development is one area of design where imagination and creativity can simply soar! Good entertainment project design does require a strong master planning effort. Story telling is perhaps what Exline Design does best! Developing an engaging idea that integrates an attraction into the broader overall project is paramount.

MUSEUMS – How do we engage people into expanding their understanding and knowledge of any given subject? One of the BEST ways of engaging people is to make the experience FUN! Who better to do this kind of problem solving than a group of creative “dream weavers”?! The projects presented in this portion of the portfolio begin to convey how Exline Design incorporates entertainment, storytelling, and fun into a museum experience.

CONCEPT – Exline Design is frequently asked to generate creative concept work in an effort to get a potential project idea off the ground. A client will approach the firm with a broad developmental notion that they would like to have researched, developed, documented, and presented in a professional and pleasing manner.

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