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Five adventure experiences in the naturalist setting of a controlled "Biosphere" environment


How does a casino developer compete with exploding volcanoes, marauding buccaneers, and/or a towering Manhattan skyline with a roller coaster on top...? Such was the charge for Exline Design when associate Fran Inman approached the firm to develop a world–class show concept for her prominent Atlantic City, New Jersey–based gaming industry client. Working closely with BAR ARCHITECTS of San Francisco, Exline Design lead the creative show design effort for the concepting of this innovative gaming guest experience. BAR and EXLINE paired as a creative team in a design competition to generate a concept for a full–scale casino project slated for a prominent site on the Las Vegas Strip.

The competition solution captured the sense of intrigue and adventure associated with the casino project’s title, “Shangri-La”. The show concept borrowed from the storyline of “Lost Horizons”, a popular American novel by James Hilton. The show was to be anchored by a recreated seven–story “Himalayan Temple” positioned prominently on the Strip at the entrance to the casino. At intervals throughout the day, a troupe of unusually costumed entertainers created a regal parade that ventured out onto the plaza in front of the development. This exotic pageant of saffron–robed monk–like characters, drumming Sherpas, and parading elephants signaled a chain of dramatic events where the giant seven–story tower literally moved back to reveal a huge circular opening in the pavement. This dramatic entrance led to a fantastic walk–thru attraction that in turn delivered guests into an area near the heart of the casino’s gaming floor.

“...winding its way through a rocky cave–like corridor, the entry passage opens into a large show building featuring an amazing life–sized diorama! The expansive ceiling is a single–span cyclorama displaying projected images of dramatic evening skies over a spectacular mountain setting. Snow capped peaks, tall stands of conifers, and Tibetan architectural features fill the space and stand in silhouette against the illuminated starry sky. As guests make their way toward the casino, they feel as if they have wandered into a remote mountain out–post perched on top of the world in a distant Himalayan range.”



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