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Safety Experience

 3D Concept Model
A creative entertainment concept exploring safety...


Lightning guy sketchEXLINE generated a creative concept for a theme park to be located in the mountains outside of Seoul, Korea, in the small resort town of Taebaek City. The unique aspect of this particular assignment was to create a day-long guest experience that delivered an educational package centered on safety issues as they relate to both natural and man-made disasters. From hurricanes and typhoons to forest fires and collapsed buildings, EXLINE's team of creative minds went to work to dream-up a series of engaging experiences that delivered quite an entertainment punch!

EXLINE worked closely with Seoul-based HEERIM ARCHITECTS & PLANNERS to generate this mix of unique attractions. HEERIM retained EXLINE to spearhead development of the guest experience while their Seoul-based team generated concepts for a world-class architectural solution designed to house this indoor park.

Combining off-the-shelf rides with projected images, themed interiors, automated stage shows, interactive kiosks, dark-rides and special effects, the overall experience was both informative and fun. It was an all-day entertainment package to be enjoyed by the entire family.

ColorChartEXLINE's creative package included a full-regalia of themed characters to be incorporated into an in-park parade as well as a Cirque style stage show featuring various spirits of nature. Costumed personalities depicting lightning, thunder, wind, and rain were choreographed with quake, tremor, fire, and lava for a show spectacular sure to bring every audience to their feet!

One of the team's favorite concepts explored the science of forecasting weather and was called "Eye of the Storm". This innovative concept incorporated an off-the-shelf Wave Swinger ride-system within a 360 degree image-projection system. Lightning, wind and rain effects would combine with motion and sound to make this attraction a real crowd pleaser.


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