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LE VILLAGE FRANCAIS - Aerial Perspective

Conceived as an entertainment venue that would capture the essence of a Country French village, this creative concept was generated as a potential project for a corporate Japanese client. Tucked into a pastoral green valley near Ozu, Japan, the village was to offer a quaint and intimate experience with an unparalleled regional opportunity to taste European lifestyles of yesteryear’s French countryside. The broad notion for the project was to create a living, working, historical model that would function in a way similar to that of Colonial Williamsburg in the United States.

Exline Design was retained by Los Angeles based CINAMATIX to lead the artistic effort behind this conceptual package for their corporate client MITSUBISHI JAPAN. Exline generated the initial master plan, art directed the vignette sketches, wrote the descriptive guest narrative, and then packaged and presented the charming idea. Working closely with team member Fran Inman, the final project format was presented in a custom bound wine—colored portfolio package that helped to convey the rich yet quintessential European styling of the project.

Lè Village Français was to be a charming cluster of stone structures enclosed within a high, thickly buttressed town wall. Heavy masonry arches marked the project’s entrance at the village main gate. The development would appear to have been built on its site several centuries ago, offering an immersive guest experience steeped in French art, music, dining, crafts, and culture. The master plan was organized around a central town square featuring quaint retail shops, charming street cafes, and the intimate L’Auberge hotel functioning as a working bed & breakfast within the park. Additional attractions were conceived to be located just outside the town wall including a working vineyard & winery, a country chateau estate, a dairy farm, and “La Fromagerie” or the cheese factory. The proposed concept would have virtually transported visitors to a recreated village setting that offered all the flavor, charm, and excitement of the Bordeaux region of France.



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