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Project site plan indicates outdoor recreational features surrounded by swimming and boating.
Paramount wanted to capture the hard-driving energy of the original motion picture


Functioning as a network of members utilizing up to 350 different RV Parks and Campgrounds across North America, RESORT PARKS INTERNATIONAL (RPI) currently finds most of its clientele in the retiree and senior markets. In an effort to expand their business and add the “family” market segment, RPI retained Exline Design to develop an entertainment concept that could be retrofitted into a number of their premier RV Park properties. Implementation of the Adventure Island concept would expand their clientele to include young families and regional youth organizations.

Adventure Island was conceived as a combination of elements including unusual rock formations, meandering caves, winding pathways, unique bridges, a make–believe fortresses, tree houses, nature trails, and water features, all arranged in a natural setting. The emphasis of the project was to promote interactive discovery and pretend–play in an ever–expanding world of video games and computer–dominated childhood activities. The attraction included a number of innovative elements including Mountain Golf, Dinosauratorium, Ultimate Tree–House, Cave of the Whistling Winds, Discovery Cove Swimming Hole, and Tribal Council Campground.



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