A tenant improvement prototype capturing the unique quality of the personalized retail product


CUT • IT • OUT was an innovative retail concept originating in Vail, Colorado. The novelty product was a custom fabricated photo–sculpture where a photographic image was mounted to sheet acrylic, and then precision controlled laser cut to produce a freestanding sculptural element.

EXLINE was retained by the retailer to generate a retail interior concept that could be adapted to any number of varying sites in a corporate roll–out of stores. A prototype was initially generated, and then applied to three different national locations including Aspen, Colorado; Forest Fair Mall in Cincinnati, Ohio; and Franklin Mills Mall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

EXLINE provided schematic design, design development, construction documentation, and on–site construction administration for each of the tenant improvement installations. Each retail unit included its own in–house photo studio, product showroom, sales area, and back–of–house production facility.




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