Caliente Mar

Truly custom residential design provides great possibilities for a creative designer. With a rare opportunity to work with very special clients, Exline Design & Architecture has enjoyed bringing a contemporary design approach to the notion of “house” while still managing to deliver a product that feels like “home”. Careful site planning, contemporary building forms, gracious space planning, creative material selection, sensitive detailing, and dramatic interiors are all a part of Exline’s mindful approach to luxury residential design. Intelligent design solutions with a strong sense of integrity... a notable presence of sophistication without pretense... attempts at innovation that make real sense... are all objectives for Exline’s residential design approach.

Having participated in the design of a number of private residential projects sited across the country, Exline Design & Architecture is expanding this area of the firm’s current practice. This on–line portfolio represents six of Exline's custom built homes:

CALIENTE MAR – A casual but elegant weekend getaway nestled in the dunes of Florida's central Atlantic coast.

WHEATON MANOR – Sited on a bluff overlooking city lights, this Midwestern heirloom home features an exposed timber frame and native Kansas materials.

MILNE REMODEL – A revitalized floor plan brought a much-needed freshness to this Southern California remodel in the Tustin Hills.

COLEMAN RESIDENCE – Contemporary and playful forms are warmed by a careful addition of indigenous Floridian materials.

PARDUE RESIDENCE – A custom luxury retreat taking full–vista advantage of its Beaver Creek Valley site.

COLORAM RESIDENCE – Grand spaces and Rocky Mountain style grace this contemporary mountain mansion.

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