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Coleman Residence currently under construction.
A custom luxury retreat taking full-vista advantage of its Beaver Creek Valley site


A lush tropical site near the Atlantic Coast of Central Florida is the setting for this contemporary residential solution. Charles and Barbara Coleman of Ormond Beach, Florida, selected Exline Design to create a design that had individuality and style yet was pragmatic and cost effective. Though the home's massing and surface striping bring a playful expression to the exterior, the innovative plan and careful detailing bring a clear sense of intelligence and integrity to the project.

At the client’s request, the contemporary styling of the house was conceived as a dramatic visual statement to be experienced in high contrast to its densely vegetated site. “Truth in Materials” was the mantra for the selection of products and fixturing to be used on both the exterior and interior. Custom color choices for the striped concrete block, patterned staining on exposed concrete floors, stained concrete counter tops, and natural hardwood floor inlays all bring a sense of integrity and warmth to the contemporary expression of the home.

Affectionately referred to as “the Toaster”, the massing of the house is dominated by a curving form that rises from the building’s center on a skew. Clad in native Floridian Cypress, this large wooden element provides dramatic interior volume over the central living room, formal dining room, and master bedroom. The corners of the Toaster penetrate through the striped block walls of the structure’s smaller rectilinear forms, with the primary penetration accentuating the front door. The interior of the Toaster’s upper volume is visually unobstructed and enhanced by a clerestory of electronically operable awning windows. These punched openings provide natural light and the opportunity for breezy ventilation throughout the main spaces of the house. A central fireplace and chimney also executed in striped block punctuate the composition of the home on both the inside and from outside at the street.



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