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Hospitality, gaming, shopping, and a pleasure craft marina - a mixed-use concept for historic Seville, Spain

MARINA DE SEVILLA — Proposed adjacent to EXPO ‘92 WORLDS FAIR, Seville, Spain

Proposed for a piece of property situated only meters from the EXPO 92 WORLDS FAIR site in Seville, Spain, Exline Design worked closely with MANAGEMENT RESOURCES of Tustin, California, to concept this mixed-use development.

Exline Design was responsible for developing the creative aspects of the conceptual package and producing an initial presentation for this exciting prospective project. The firm generated a master plan and preliminary facility concepts for the 300 million-dollar resort and recreation project. The proposed development included a pleasure craft marina, a yacht club, a 400-room luxury hotel, a festive retail complex, and a civic cultural arts center.

This highly visible project was to be sited on the main canal that flows directly through the historic district of Seville, requiring a very sensitive response to its context. Directly across the canal was the existing historic site of the 1929 Spanish Expo. The neo-classic design of this earlier exposition provided a strong organizational premise for the master planning of Marina de Sevilla.



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